Common Darter (Sympetrum Striolatum)

Britains commonest Dragonfly,and one of the smallest.

The male is orange-red and the female buff brown darkening with age,it hunts by landing on a favourite twig or other convenient place and simply darting up at its intended prey

This is a fantastic little Dragonfly,if you manage to approach one while hunting it’ll often use you as a perch to hunt from,during these times its often possible to get your camera within a few inches of its really is that bold

These can be found all over Brandon Marsh but are most plentiful in areas surrounding the Tip area





weas1826 av1815 av1815 copy av1816 weas1825


av1818 av1817



ghr1512 copy common darter1504 common darter1505 common darter1506 ghr1512

mating wheel


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