Emerald Damselfly(Lestes Sponsa)

One of the larger Damselflies,though not the strongest flier.it is the only Damselfly that perches with its wings open,hence its other name ‘Common Spreadwing’..Its most numerous in July and August

Its not the commonest species seen at Brandon but it is well established,normally seen next to the sheep field,this female I discovered half way along the tip area though

I’d dropped into Brandon for an hour after work,and this was my reward for doing so,which was a huge bonus.another was seen next to the River Avon but not by me






Imagine if you will,that you found a small pond,no more than a puddle…And it was home to a swarm of Emerald Damselflies…Well i did just that

The pond


Male Emerald Damselfliesbkueye1446bkueye1446 copy bkueye1447



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