Migrant Hawker (Aeshna Mixta)

Similar in size but smaller than the Southern Hawker,when they emerge they are often seen in large numbers,i can be walking anywhere at Brandon and come across this species,and with care they’ll happily stay where they are and have their picture taken

They are most numerous late in the season along with the Southern Hawkers and Common Darters,the female below was discovered well into october.Good because it keeps the Dragonfly season going a while longer.






2013 is really shaping up to be a great year for these

Copy of 111mig1673 copy Copy of migrat1646 copy 111mig1668 111mig1669 111mig1671 111mig1673 111mig1674 Copy (2) of migrat1646 Copy of 111mig1668


hand1856 hand1851 hand1852 hand1853 hand1855


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