Brown Hawker (Aeshna Grandis)

A huge Dragonfly which always seems to be on the wing,hunting or defending territory

Now what you see here all the sum total of individual specimens I’ve photographed,and I actually remember each one well

The first one….I was on the path towards the woods at Brandon and saw it land,it was late 2010,well I barely had time to put the camera on the tripod and fire one single shot off,luckily it worked out fairly decently

The second one…I was in the meadow adjacent to the river meadow,a nice sheltered spot which rarely gets any wind,i was snapping anything that moved if i’m honest.Well this Hawker came into view,wings glowing gold in the sunlight,he did a few curcuits then decided to land.About 5 feet away from me,now that was a bonus

The third one..I was at the end of the tip area,a nice spot just to relax in.Well I was watching these Hawkers in flight and hunting,this went on for a while until this female wanted to rest,luckily I saw where she landed which for me wasn’t easy because it was up a small but steep embankment.I got there in the end and the results are what you see here







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